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Data Science, Big Data, IoT, AI + Machine Learning

With years of experience in Azure, we can help you architect, scale and flex your Data solutions. We look to adapt your business needs with Microsoft Cloud, blending the benefits of building bespoke software and services, catered for your business needs.

Whether you wish to transition to the cloud from On-Prem benefiting from the hybrid approach or looking to migrate legacy applications through a lift and shift approach or a total redesign, leveraging Azure and its associated data services, can serve your business in a transparent uncomplicated way to grow with you.

We combined our insights on how to transform your projects, processes, strategies, and in turn your company and our staff has the capabilities and experience to actually do it. We’re proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their business.

The consultants provide support with:

IoT services

Provision, monitor IoT assets and explore data real time.  Click info

An on-demand, real-time stream processing service - Stream Analytics

IoT white labelled online service


Data services

A no-limits data lake built to support massively parallel analytics - Data Lake

A fully managed on-demand pay-per-job analytics service  - Data Lake Analytics

A globally distributed multi-model database - Cosmos DB

A fully managed, elastic data warehouse with security - Azure Synapse Analytics

Click info


Machine Learning + AI services

A fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions - Machine Learning.  Click info

Big Data | Design Delivery: Service
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